Red clay, copaiba, white clay, musk, oakmoss, yellow stone pigment, sandalwood, magnesium, salt, sweet almond oil, green stone pigment, ramadan rain water, river water 

A collection of re-search and reflections on the water has memory* body of work, with contributions from Lorén Elhili, Diarmuid Mac Gloinn and Amel Meghraoua 

*Water Has Memory explores the healing properties of water and ritual practices inspired by Islamic teachings. The exhibition included a series of paintings accompanied by an immersive scent produced by Dana El Masri, ceramics, a film and written contributions.

Riso printed, Limited edition of 50, 150mm X 280mm, Saddle stitch, Design and Photography by Meryem Meg, Printed by Dizzy Ink

When was the last time you saw the sea
Projected at the Youkobo Art Space Tokyo Japan (2021)

When was the last time you saw the sea follows the journey of a puddle and its return to larger waters. The short film documents the different stages of water through solid, evaporation and liquid form again.  The puddle is collected in the centre of varna, then frozen, and transported back to the ocean a few km away from its original location and melted into the sea again during a rain fall. Voiced over by my mother and grandmother, both women raised in a costal city, who have spent a large portion of their life at sea on my grandfathers ship as he transported goods globally. We collectively reflect through dialogue on the importance of water as a source of healing and life.